Electron Microscopy & Histology Core Facility


Lee Cohen-Gould, MS, CEMT
Sr. Staff Associate in Biochemistry and Cell & Developmental Biology

Daniel Bruzzese, BA
Julie Cohen, MS
Tony Labissierre, BA (SEM Technologist, HSS)

A-101, A-103, A-105 (office/main lab), A-107, A-021 WCMC
Phone: (212) 746-6146

Email contacts:
Daniel Bruzzese, BA – dab2057@med.cornell.eduM
Julie Cohen, MS – juc2023@med.cornell.edu
Lee Cohen-Gould – lcgould@med.cornell.edu
Tony Labissiere – labissierea@hss.edu

WCMC Research Support
WCMC Cell & Developmental Biology

The EM &H Core Facility functions as a merger of the facility at WCMC and the Analytical Microscopy Facility at HSS. The microscopes are located at WCMC in the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology. The HSS facility staff performs the TEM specimen preparation for their clients and then comes to WCMC to use the TEM. SEM sample preps for both client groups may be performed in the facility at WCMC.


  • Consultation: The staff provides consultation on experimental design and approach.
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy: Full sample processing from fixation through embedding, sectioning and microscopy is available.
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy: Fixation, dehydration, critical point drying, sputter coating and imaging of samples can be performed in the Core.
  • Microtomy: Sectioning for electron microscopy. There is a second ultramicrotome available for independent users. Equipment is also available for the investigators' use to obtain paraffin and frozen sections for light microscopy. Ultrathin frozen sections for immuno EM are also available.
  • Paraffin Embedding for Light Microscopy: The TissueTek VIP 150 automated tissue processing unit and the accompanying embedding console is available for paraffin embedding for light microscopy applications.

Sample preparation may be done entirely by the Core staff, or the client may work independently.


JEOL JEM 1400 transmission electron microscope

JEOL JEM 1400 transmission electron microscope

Purchased with funds from an NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant, supplemented by funds from WCMC, this instrument was installed in March 2011.

  • Electron Optics optimize contrast and are designed to integrate with digital CCD cameras
  • Olympus-SIS Veleta side-mount 2K x 2K digital camera
  • Olympus-SIS Quemesa bottom-mount 11 megapixel digital camera
  • TEM Navigation JENIE and user-friendly GUI-TEM Center
  • Wide range of magnifications

FEI Quanta 600 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

(HSS) is unique in the NY-Metropolitan region

FEI Quanta 600 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Variable voltages (0.2 Kv to 30 Kv)
  • Variable vacuum
  • Secondary electron mode
  • Back-scatter electron mode
  • Motorized (rotation, tilt) multi-specimen stage

Accessory Equipment

  • RMC MT-7000 ultramicrotome with cryo stage
  • Leica Ultracut S ultramicrotome
  • Leica RM 2155 paraffin microtome
  • Hacker-Bright OTF cryostat
  • 2 vacuum evaporators
  • EMS critical point dryer
  • Pelco Easi-glo discharge unit
  • Pelco Sputter coater for SEM preps
  • low temperature UV chamber for polymerization of acrylic resins for immuno EM
  • Sakura Finetek Tissue Tek VIP automated tissue processor for paraffin embedding.
OTF Cryostat

OTF Cryostat

VIP Processor

VIP Processor

Ultra S Ultramicrotome

Ultra S Ultramicrotome

MT7000 Ultramicrotome

MT7000 Ultramicrotome