Computational Genomics Core Facility

The Computational Genomics Core provides access to state-of-the-art desktop bioinformatics software and computational tools for gene expression data analysis, functional genomics and sequence analysis. Access to the following software is available through the core via annual subscription:

GeneSpring (Agilent)

A visualization and analysis solution designed for use with gene expression data.
You can download genespring and/or access information, support and tutorials for the use of GeneSpring from the following website:
GeneSpring GX Software

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (Ingenuity)

A curated database and functional analysis tool to help put high throughput data in the context of biological interactions and pathways.
Access to Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software, support and training is available at:
Ingenuity Systems

Lasergene (DNA Star)

A comprehensive software suite for DNA & protein sequence analysis, contig assembly, sequencing assembly capability and sequence project management.
Further information about Lasergene is available at:
DNASTAR Lasergene

You can download Lasergene here:
Lasergene v8.1 for Macintosh
Lasergene v8.1 for Windows

To access Lasergene via the computational genomics core facility please email an ITS tag for the computer on which you wish to have Lasergene installed along with a description of whether the computer is a PC or a Mac to